About me

Me in Egypt

On top of mount moses, Egypt 2011

Welcome to my new blog!

About me- well I am a Newcastle Upon Tyne (UK) based wedding photographer who’s work has primarily involved Indian and Arab Wedding Photography. However I have recently been photographing destination weddings in places like Egypt, Bangladesh, France and further so would love to do more destination wedding photography!!
Alongside this I work regularly in fashion photography for quirky boutiques.

I’ve loved travelling, drawing portraits, taking photos of people & their lives for as long as I can remember and feel blessed that I am now able to do this as a career while bringing so much joy to people and their families.

I shoot to capture rare moments, make people feel like popstars, aim to have fun doing this and to become good friends along the way!


Keep updated on this new blog or by following my activities on my facebook page!

e: smile@shotbyshahed.com

7 Jan ’12 - 5:47 pm

Simba ZeLion - U r tha daddy! Awesome blog site, awesome photos, and very nicely laid out about you section :)

7 Jan ’12 - 6:01 pm

ShotByShahed - Thanks for your kind words Simba- its continuously evolving but felt the blog needed an updated look with 2012: working on the website landing page next! :)

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