Waseem and Farzana: Muslim Wedding in Newcastle

When it comes to writing blog posts about the wonderful asian weddings I have photographed it usually takes a little bit of time but can usually summarise them once I get going but seriously- WHERE do I start with these two?!

I’ve known Waseem for as long as I can remember- best friends from school days, we’ve had more adventures than you’d believe or it would be wise to share in public!!
In fact Waseem was the person who actually gave me the push & encouragement to pursue photography initially after looking through some documentary shots of mine while some childish people poked fun!
That’s one of the qualities I’ve always admired about my friend, he goes against the grain and can’t be easily influenced but uses his own mind to always do the right thing. So when he told me he has decided to get married I knew this would be his best decision yet.

Lets not forget about the bride either- Farzana has been my neighbour since I was ten!!!
Now you’d be excused to assume I’ve known her for (not gonna let you figure out my age) number of years but NO- I only met her when they got engaged! You see Farzana is a verrrrry shy and reserved girl and that’s one of the many reasons Waseem fell for her.. either that or he tripped, because standing at 6’3 he towers over this petite young lady!!

This has to be one of the most unique wedding I’ve been to- not only was the photographer but also a best man! This meant getting to Waseem’s in the morning and helping with LAST MINUTE room clean ups, fixes to his outfit, re-arranging furniture before getting ready myself to start documenting the day from Farzana’s lovely home- which I have now renamed ‘the white house’ because EVERYTHING is white!!!!
Perfect for colour balance!! Haha!

The only difficulty I faced during the wedding was communication- one half of the wedding party spoke to me in Kashmiri while the other spoke in Pashto: I’m Bengali (and I don’t speak that well either!!!). Thankfully it’s amazing just how often a thumbs up and a quick nod is all that is needed (even when you haven’t even heard the question!!!).

I’m sure everyone would agree Farzana looked stunning in her bridal lengha by Snob Clothing which looked even more amazing coupled against Waseem’s Ziggi Studio outfit.
Talking of which- a huge thank you to Taff from Ziggi Studio for assisting me during the couples session!
A lot of brides have emailed me asking who the makeup artist was- this was by Newcastle based Shaj Ghor.

Below are a selection of images from their special day. Mubarak once again. Enjoy!

11 Nov ’12 - 3:57 pm

Nad Gany - Wow amazing you actually brought back great memories thanks Shahed

11 Nov ’12 - 4:14 pm

Shah - Brilliant set – third frame from the last with the groom is amazing; great work with the lighting. Well done mate – beautiful images.

11 Nov ’12 - 4:32 pm

Adila - One word ‘Beautiful’ (MA)

11 Nov ’12 - 7:11 pm

Terra Dawn - Just gorgeous, Shahed!! I love the colors and the expressions you captured! Her getting ready shots were just exquisite!!!!

12 Nov ’12 - 9:59 am

Tyler Ray - Great coverage! I’d love the chance to photograph a Muslim wedding someday. Keep the good stuff coming!

16 Nov ’12 - 11:34 pm

nala - Brilliant photos lovely couple photos are stunning xx

18 Nov ’12 - 12:43 am

rabina - Wow.Wow.. I wish i were getting married again!! You have a perfect eye shahed. To capture beauty… The couple look beautiful, your words were warm and very touching!!
Wish you all the success in the future!!! Mashallah.. You know that word!!!!!!!

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